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Nasbico Networking & Security provides solutions optic fiber cable laying ducting and splicing as per the recommended standards.We undertake fibre optic cable installation using fiber splicing technic. We have the technical expertise to lay down optic fiber cables and manage the entire process in compliance with all regulations.

laying and ductuing

Fiber Optical Cable Laying used extensively for networking and telecom, these Fiber Optical cables, which are flexible and can be bundled as cables.
These fiber optic cables are highly appreciated in the long-distance communications, as transmission is clear and not distorted. On these transmission of Up to 148 core (G.I/ F.R.P/ Armored) is possible.
For transmission of communications signals optical fibers are laid down for which trenches are dug and the cable installed. These cables, termed feeders, are laid in feeder ducts within trenches in the roads. The trenching has to be undertaken following stringent regulations provided by the civil authorities.


fibre optic cable splicing is done when you join two fiber optic cables together.
When you undertake splicing of fibre optic cables, generally it will result in lower light loss and back reflection, in comparison to the other method that is used - fibre optic cable termination. These benefits tends to make splicing the preferred option when the runs needed for fibre optic cable installation are too long for a single length of fibre, or when you need to join two different types of cable together. Splicing can also used as a method to restore fibre optic cables when an underground cable is accidentally severed.

There are two methods of fibre optic cable splicing that are generally used by technicians as follows:

  • fusion fibre optic cable installation splicing.
  • mechanical fibre optic cable installation splicing.

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